If the combination does not set correctly:


If the combination did not set correctly, it is probably because the “SET” pin was not held in while the numbers were changed.  All new LashLocksTM manufactured in 2010 or later, come supplied with a small plastic button used to hold the pin in and make setting the combination easier.

So if you are in this situation, there is no magic fix.  The combination will need to be found out and the only way to do this is by trial and error but a system can increase your luck.   Once you find the number, keep it on that open number and be sure to hold in the small pin and then move the numbers to your desired combination. 


What probably happened when it was being set, is that one or two numbers got changed and one or two did not. 


So start at the number you wanted to set and try this sequence that assumes the first two numbers are correct and the last one is unknown.   In this example we assume the desired combination is 123.  At each number push the open button to see if it will open.


12X:       123,124,125,126,127,128,129,120,122


Then try the first and last numbers as correct and the middle unknown.


1X3:       123,133,143,153,163,173,183,193,103,113


Then try the last two numbers as correct and the first unknown.


X23:       123,223,323,423,523,623,723,823,923,023


If the number is still not found it gets more difficult.  Assume that the first number is correct and the last 2 are unknown


1XX:       123,100,101,102,103,104….199


Then assume the last number is correct and the first 2 unknown:


XX3:       003,013,023,033,043,053….  093

                103,113,123,133,143,153…  193


                ………   993


Then assume the middle number is correct and the first and last are unknown


X2X:       123, 020,021,022,023… 029

               120,121,123, 124…..129


                 ………… 929


If you have gotten this far and still have not had any luck, find a boring TV program and work your way through all the 1000 numbers and perhaps be happy it is not a 4 digit combination.