History of the LashLockTM

As an avid windsurfer and traveling engineer, I got tired of bringing my windsurfers into my hotel rooms and I decided I needed something to lock my windsurfers to my roof racks.  Several design ideas were tried including a lasso style that wraps around the board and under the racks and uses traditional straps as tie downs.  But I wanted something that provided the tie-down and lock in one easy-to-use unit.  Eventually the idea of a binder type design was born under the influence of ski boot buckles and log truck chain binders.  The first designs were beat out on a vice and proved to be easy to use but several incrementally refined prototypes were required before the final product was developed. 

After developing a working prototype and filing for patent protection, an agreement was reached with a licensee to market the product.  However, after almost a year of working with their manufacturer to make a final prototype, it became clear that the LashLockTM would need to be launched and the final prototype developed independently. 

Corlear North America Inc. was formed and today the LashLockTM is manufactured for Corlear in Taiwan by an established lock maker.   Covered by two US patents as well as
European patents, the LashLock
TM is sold in outlets across North America and Europe.  The largest market is the canoe and kayak market but the uses are endless.  I use the product every day from tying my lawnmower to a trailer, as a clamp in my shop or securing my beer cooler to the park bench when I'm out sailing.  We are growing steadily and are looking for new uses and new markets.  If you have suggestions, complaints, or comments on marketing or promotion, I would be happy to discuss any ideas.  And of course I appreciate your purchase and use of my product!

Keep your toys secured and have fun!


President,  Corlear North America Inc.

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