Using Lashlock with Car Roof Racks

How does the Lashlock™ work?

Step one for using lashlock with car roof racks Step 2 - how to lock Step three - set a unique combination
Adjust cable length:
  1. Press button on cover and open cover fully

  2. Pull cables to adjust length.




Locking to Car Roof Racks
  1. Loop the cable around load as shown and hook T into slot in cover.

  2. Pull loose end of cable to tighten around load.

  3. Close cover.  This will further tighten cable around load.

  4. Turn combination to lock.

  5. Clip excess cable in clips.

Change Combination
  1. Turn the numbers to the unlocked combination.  Factory setting is 000.

  2. Using a small pin, push in on the "set" button as indicated.  While holding the "set" button in, change the numbers as desired.

  3. Release button when finished setting numbers.


  • When wrapping the cable around the item to be locked, set it up so that you will pull the cable toward you to tighten it as shown in diagram above.

  • As with any combination lock, take care when changing the combination. 


 Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Will the cable blow out of the clips at high speeds?
  • In years of testing on windy roads we have never seen it happen.
  • Will the cable damage the object to be locked?
  • The cable tension is easily adjusted.  Sharp corners that are easily damaged should be protected.  Surfboards or windsurfers should be carried bottom down.
  • Can the combination be changed without the user knowing? 
  • The combination can only be changed when the numbers are in the “open” position.   Always spin the numbers to prevent this.
  • What if the cable is damaged?
  • Replacement cables are available and are easily changed.
  • Can the cable be cut?
  • All locking systems provide only limited security to a well-equipped thief.
  • What can I do if the combination does not work?
  • Click here for more details.


Read and observe all instructions and warnings. Failure to do so may cause personal injury and damage to the product and other property including but not limited to car roof racks.

The attachment and installation of this product is critical and beyond the control of Corlear North America Inc. Corlear is NOT responsible for the attachment nor the installation. It neither guarantees, nor will it be liable for any damage resulting from its attachment, installation or improper use. The liability of this product is limited to its purchase price if it proves to be defective in material and/or workmanship. ·Always insure the cable clamp is tight to prevent cable from loosening. ·Be sure cover latches properly. ·Do not overload. ·Check tie downs and load every 25mi /40km when traveling. ·Inspect cable and cable stop before each use. ·Do not use if damaged. Warranty information available upon request.

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